storytelling by ipasta


Everytime you have to ask yourself. What do we like to show to the viewer and what what really makes this movie worth watching? In order to discuss the storyboard with all stakeholders, we force ourselves to think and act according to the four P’s of Storytelling.

But what really makes the difference is market knowledge and the passion/enthusiasm we can catch on video and that’s what we need from our clients and why every movie we make gets better and better.



Purpose, Why should people bother to watch your video? If we are not able to summarize the purpose of the movie we like to make in one sentence, we reconsider the project!
Plot, what is the conflict in the journey of our characters? Even in B2B movies there is always a type of conflict or tension within the story. Otherwise there is no challenge for the viewer to watch till the end. Usually the movie starts describing a problem or a need. The viewer should think “what are we gonna do?” now it is time to position the product or service as the solution in a credible way.
People, Who is in our story? The primary role of the characters is to care about the story, they bring your audience into the movie. In B2B movies it is not always the CEO or Sales Director. Why not portrait the passion of the people who are in the workforce and make or design the products, or deliver the actual service to the clients?
Place, where does the story take place? Does the shooting location really contribute to the story we want to tell? Is it a comfortable place for the characters to shoot an interview, so they feel at ease? What about lightning or noise disruption?