• https://vimeo.com/436804461

    Agrico jongerendag 2019

    Invest and listen to the next generation potato growers to involve them in your business strategy.

  • real estate agent presents…

    Walking around houses with a camera on a gimbal, backed up by boring background music….those days are almost over. The importance of good video is bringing emotions and engagement to the viewer. In this clip we introduce the… Read More

  • Goede Groei, Hoe dan? – a video journal about sustainable agriculture

    Corporate video is still one of the major trends in marketing/communications these days but often there is no follow-up. It lacks the frequency and group of frequent viewers from television shows. The next years we will see more… Read More

  • Product introduction Mainspring by Syngenta

    At July 4th at a beautiful location in Delft, Syngenta introduced the new insecticide Mainspring as an effective application in ornamentals to fight caterpillars, trips and other enemies of flower crops like rose and gerbera.

  • IIA Congress 2018

    Short movies of the highlights and interviews with the keynote speakers at this two day event about internal audit. Flint Amersfoort, june 7-8.

  • Booktrailer “Da’s gek” by dr. Danielle Braun

    Danielle Braun is corporate anthropologist and describes in her new book what people consider as ‘normal’ and ‘crazy’ At the launchparty of her second book, Danielle explains why people should read her book. Also psychiatrist Bram Bakker and… Read More

  • Get Lean! Do the Agium Lean Game

    The ambitious Agium professionals provide all kinds of services in business and control with their clients. The Agium Lean Game,developed by Agium, is now introduced as a new incompany training/event where participants experience how processes could be optimized… Read More

  • Höcker welcomes international clients

    The Amsterdam based lawfirm Höcker advocaten represents national and international clients and provides all kinds of legal services. When companies do start up in The Netherlands Höcker is the right legal partner you need to deal with labour… Read More

  • Foodbloggers trip from a B2C and B2B perspective

    At October 31th, Syngenta and Van Nature invited Dutch foodbloggers for the Purple Sprout Experience in Dirksland. We created two films at this event, one from the B2C perspective and one for the B2B perspective.

  • Dutch Drone Film Festival

    At September 8-10th we did the the video coverage of the first edition of the the Peugeot Dutch Drone Film Festival and the second edition of the Peugeot Dutch Drone Festival in Hilversum. As a drone pilot I… Read More

  • Tomato News by Syngenta

    Syngenta opens their Tomato greenhouse in Monster (Westland area) twice a year for customers and prospects. By shooting a videoreport of the highlights in the latest developments in tomato varieties, video proved to be a very successful tool.

  • Advocacy towards IIA’s stakeholders

    We were asked by the Institute for Internal Auditors (beroepsorganisatie voor auditors en interne accountants) to think about a campaign to communicate with different types of stakeholders; their members, future internal auditors and members of advisory boards. We… Read More

  • Crowdfunding campaign: crew catering truck

    To make a difference at crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Doorgaan.nl, video becomes more and more essential. Explain your project and show that entrepreneurial drive to collect your contributions.

  • Commercials: High quality wood, sold by webshops Steigerplank.com and Haardhout.com

    One of the first productions of the year 2017 is about selling wood over the internet. Haardhout.com and Steigerplank.com are successful webshops that deliver excellent quality of wood to the consumers doorstep.

  • Engagement of the community: Kracht van de IJmond

    Rabobank IJmond is a regional bank with a cooperative structure, owned by the members and not by shareholders. Therefore it is key to invest in the local community by initiating strategic research in the economic and social development… Read More

  • Portrait of a family business from the Betuwe

    This 5 minute movie tells the story of FruitNL, a major fruit grower/trader from the Betuwe.

  • Fruit Quality Contract

    Creating awareness in the Dutch fruit sector in the Betuwe about the use of crop protection tools and spraying techniques is the main purpose of this multi-year process. Dutch fruit growers are very cooperative and see the benefits… Read More

  • Product introductions in glasshouse vegetables

    Syngenta is a very successful player in the glasshouse vegetable seedbusiness. New technologies result in strong varieties of vegetables that are welcomed by growers. These videos show the expertise and motivation of Syngenta staff and the confidence of… Read More

  • Real Estate: 24 new luxury appartments at Lake Abcoude

    Just outside of Abcoude, at the lakeside, construction of the second phase of this high class real estate project wil start soon.

  • leader North Sea Jazz Club 2016

    The Amsterdam based North Sea Jazz Club shows this video about upcoming concerts at huge screens at Ahoy during the 3 days NSJ Festival.

  • Rabobank, Startersarena

    Starting entrepreneurs, get ready and prepare yourselves by visiting this event!

  • Videomarketing & registration of the IIA Congress 2016

    Partnering with Polygooi productions from Hilversum, we provided the video registration of this 2 day event and created several movies that were shown during the congress but also before and after the event.

  • Rabobank, videoreport from the workfield

    Account management from Rabobank SMB is getting closer to its retail clients by visiting them at a saturdaynight event “Haarlem Shopping Night”

  • Great story of Payroll services told by testimonials

    The strength of good corporate video is significantly higher when the story is told by true clients. We made separate video’s for employers and partners like accountancy firms to bring the message across.

  • Rabobank meet & grow 2016

    This successful event took place in order to meet companies who are looking for finance to grow their business. Energetic testimonials by the participants made this a great movie.

  • CBI: Export Promotion from Latin America

    CBI, part of the RVO, initiates high level programmes in order to stimulate exports from developing countries. We joined them in Paris, where the group gathered for a full week of activities: store visits, trade fairs en classroom… Read More

  • Brussels sprouts

    Syngenta’s crop expert Michiel van Mol presents the latest developments and new varieties in sprouts portfolio.

  • Bloggertrip to Mekong delta, Vietnam

    In the last week of september, we participated in a bloggerstrip to Vietnam to report about Vietnamese food. Highlight of the trip was the visit to a Pangasius fish farm and processing factory. We saw a clean and… Read More

  • Are you ready for SAIL 2015 ?

    Unfortunately, it is not allowed to fly with drones at the restricted area for this event. But outside this area we can provide you with video coverage of your boat.

  • ipasta goes airborne

    Yes we got ourselves the Phantom 3 4K drone. Still practicing and learning to fly. A new perspective in videography. Great video’s are built upon great stories, but how cool is it to use footage from the sky!

  • Gentle sectio in Amstelland Hospital, Amstelveen

    Becoming a proud father again and direct a movie at the same time was an thrilling experience! Providing client testimonials for hospitals is a revolutionary format for hospital communication. Our plan is to develop this kind of video… Read More

  • Video gallery: completed construction works

    The Volendam based construction company KBK Bouw, asked us to make a video report about their major construction works throughout the year. We were lucky to use the building crane at the construction site. Better camera control than… Read More

  • Breakthrough technology in hair removal

    Beauty-tech, Rotterdam base wholesaler and service provider of professional hair removal equipment shows how SHR technology makes the treatment pleasant, safe and effective.

  • Video testimonial, greenhouse grower Ewout Valstar

    This is good example of a B2B video testimonial in the agriculture. Ewout is showing his passion and craftsmanship and is not afraid to challenge his supplier Syngenta to act quicker.

  • Fashion, books and bubbles

    Uitgeverij Anne Tel, issues a new book, Model in New York, a compelling story written by former teenage supermodel Cheryl Diamond from New York. The presentation of this book took place in the H&M stores in Zwolle and… Read More

  • Operation Pollinator: Hoeksche Waard

    Operation Pollinator is an international biodiversity program to boost the number of pollinating insects on commercial farms. It works by creating specific habitats, tailored to local conditions and native insects. Farmers and golf course managers across Europe and… Read More

  • Introduction Hyvido at GraanDemoDay

    Hyvido is the new umbrella brand for Syngenta’s hybrid winter barley seed technology, Jurgen Vet explains. Syngenta revolutionised barley breeding with the introduction of hybrid barley varieties. These varieties are delivering significant and consistent improvements in yield for… Read More

  • Tomato Demohouse

    Every year in June and September, Syngenta Benelux invites tomato growers to their tomato demohouse in Monster to discuss their needs and show the newest varieties.

  • How to sell a holiday resort with video

    In 2 minutes we show you what our hospitality and eco resort at the Ionian sea is all about. Enjoy!

  • Booktrailer “Paaseitjes zoeken in het AMC”

    Every book needs a booktrailer. This trailer was true hit at Facebook pages of Dutch publishers and book review sites. The biggest book retailer in the Netherlands, BOL.COM will work with video more and more. Publishers, this is… Read More

  • WEG: Hannover Messe 2014

    We shot this movie at the Hannover Messe 2014 at the WEG booth. It is a great example of using the opportunity of a trade fair for making a movie and using the booth as a movie set…. Read More