Agrico jongerendag 2019

Invest and listen to the next generation potato growers to involve them in your business strategy.

real estate agent presents…

Walking around houses with a camera on a gimbal, backed up by boring background music….those days are almost over. The importance of good video is bringing emotions and engagement to the viewer. In this clip we introduce the… Read More

Goede Groei, Hoe dan? – a video journal about sustainable agriculture

Corporate video is still one of the major trends in marketing/communications these days but often there is no follow-up. It lacks the frequency and group of frequent viewers from television shows. The next years we will see more… Read More

Product introduction Mainspring by Syngenta

At July 4th at a beautiful location in Delft, Syngenta introduced the new insecticide Mainspring as an effective application in ornamentals to fight caterpillars, trips and other enemies of flower crops like rose and gerbera.

IIA Congress 2018

Short movies of the highlights and interviews with the keynote speakers at this two day event about internal audit. Flint Amersfoort, june 7-8.

Booktrailer “Da’s gek” by dr. Danielle Braun

Danielle Braun is corporate anthropologist and describes in her new book what people consider as ‘normal’ and ‘crazy’ At the launchparty of her second book, Danielle explains why people should read her book. Also psychiatrist Bram Bakker and… Read More

Get Lean! Do the Agium Lean Game

The ambitious Agium professionals provide all kinds of services in business and control with their clients. The Agium Lean Game,developed by Agium, is now introduced as a new incompany training/event where participants experience how processes could be optimized… Read More

Höcker welcomes international clients

The Amsterdam based lawfirm Höcker advocaten represents national and international clients and provides all kinds of legal services. When companies do start up in The Netherlands Höcker is the right legal partner you need to deal with labour… Read More

Foodbloggers trip from a B2C and B2B perspective

At October 31th, Syngenta and Van Nature invited Dutch foodbloggers for the Purple Sprout Experience in Dirksland. We created two films at this event, one from the B2C perspective and one for the B2B perspective.

Dutch Drone Film Festival

At September 8-10th we did the the video coverage of the first edition of the the Peugeot Dutch Drone Film Festival and the second edition of the Peugeot Dutch Drone Festival in Hilversum. As a drone pilot I… Read More