Agrico jongerendag 2019

Invest and listen to the next generation potato growers to involve them in your business strategy.

Goede Groei, Hoe dan? – a video journal about sustainable agriculture

Corporate video is still one of the major trends in marketing/communications these days but often there is no follow-up. It lacks the frequency and group of frequent viewers from television shows. The next years we will see more… Read More

Product introduction Mainspring by Syngenta

At July 4th at a beautiful location in Delft, Syngenta introduced the new insecticide Mainspring as an effective application in ornamentals to fight caterpillars, trips and other enemies of flower crops like rose and gerbera.

Foodbloggers trip from a B2C and B2B perspective

At October 31th, Syngenta and Van Nature invited Dutch foodbloggers for the Purple Sprout Experience in Dirksland. We created two films at this event, one from the B2C perspective and one for the B2B perspective.

Tomato News by Syngenta

Syngenta opens their Tomato greenhouse in Monster (Westland area) twice a year for customers and prospects. By shooting a videoreport of the highlights in the latest developments in tomato varieties, video proved to be a very successful tool.

Portrait of a family business from the Betuwe

This 5 minute movie tells the story of FruitNL, a major fruit grower/trader from the Betuwe.

Fruit Quality Contract

Creating awareness in the Dutch fruit sector in the Betuwe about the use of crop protection tools and spraying techniques is the main purpose of this multi-year process. Dutch fruit growers are very cooperative and see the benefits… Read More

Product introductions in glasshouse vegetables

Syngenta is a very successful player in the glasshouse vegetable seedbusiness. New technologies result in strong varieties of vegetables that are welcomed by growers. These videos show the expertise and motivation of Syngenta staff and the confidence of… Read More

Brussels sprouts

Syngenta’s crop expert Michiel van Mol presents the latest developments and new varieties in sprouts portfolio.

Video testimonial, greenhouse grower Ewout Valstar

This is good example of a B2B video testimonial in the agriculture. Ewout is showing his passion and craftsmanship and is not afraid to challenge his supplier Syngenta to act quicker.