Booktrailer “Da’s gek” by dr. Danielle Braun

Danielle Braun is corporate anthropologist and describes in her new book what people consider as ‘normal’ and ‘crazy’ At the launchparty of her second book, Danielle explains why people should read her book. Also psychiatrist Bram Bakker and… Read More

Fashion, books and bubbles

Uitgeverij Anne Tel, issues a new book, Model in New York, a compelling story written by former teenage supermodel Cheryl Diamond from New York. The presentation of this book took place in the H&M stores in Zwolle and… Read More

Booktrailer “Paaseitjes zoeken in het AMC”

Every book needs a booktrailer. This trailer was true hit at Facebook pages of Dutch publishers and book review sites. The biggest book retailer in the Netherlands, BOL.COM will work with video more and more. Publishers, this is… Read More