Get Lean! Do the Agium Lean Game

The ambitious Agium professionals provide all kinds of services in business and control with their clients. The Agium Lean Game,developed by Agium, is now introduced as a new incompany training/event where participants experience how processes could be optimized… Read More

Crowdfunding campaign: crew catering truck

To make a difference at crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or, video becomes more and more essential. Explain your project and show that entrepreneurial drive to collect your contributions.

Sterk van start, Rabobank campaign for startups and entrepreneurs

Engagement of the community: Kracht van de IJmond

Rabobank IJmond is a regional bank with a cooperative structure, owned by the members and not by shareholders. Therefore it is key to invest in the local community by initiating strategic research in the economic and social development… Read More

Rabobank, Startersarena

Starting entrepreneurs, get ready and prepare yourselves by visiting this event!

Videomarketing & registration of the IIA Congress 2016

Partnering with Polygooi productions from Hilversum, we provided the video registration of this 2 day event and created several movies that were shown during the congress but also before and after the event.

Rabobank, videoreport from the workfield

Account management from Rabobank SMB is getting closer to its retail clients by visiting them at a saturdaynight event “Haarlem Shopping Night”

Great story of Payroll services told by testimonials

The strength of good corporate video is significantly higher when the story is told by true clients. We made separate video’s for employers and partners like accountancy firms to bring the message across.

Rabobank meet & grow 2016

This successful event took place in order to meet companies who are looking for finance to grow their business. Energetic testimonials by the participants made this a great movie.