What is video marketing ?

In this article below we give you 5 lessons in video marketing and you will discover that it is not rocket science. Videos can be a powerful marketing tool. Your clients will appreciate and share them. ipasta has developed… Read More


  Everytime you have to ask yourself. What do we like to show to the viewer and what what really makes this movie worth watching? In order to discuss the storyboard with all stakeholders, we force ourselves to… Read More

How we work

This is how we work with our clients. We are a small team that can deliver fast and we love to meet your deadlines.


Videomarketing is fun to do and should be a no-brainer for all commercial staff


This site is not a learning platform for videomarketing. We rather show some videos of our work and let them speak for themselves. Please contact us so we can discuss how videomarketing can work for you.