What is video marketing ?

In this article below we give you 5 lessons in video marketing and you will discover that it is not rocket science. Videos can be a powerful marketing tool. Your clients will appreciate and share them.

Video marketing for beginners in 5 lessons

  1. = People prefer to watch TV rather than reading, especially on their smartphones screens. Maximum time is about 2-3 minutes.
  2. =Turn your staff into moviestars and bring credible news to your customers.
  3. = Many companies have started social media strategies, however, many do not make use of videos yet.
  4. = In niche segments and B2B markets, people share their message very easily and effectively.
  5. =Videocontent costs a fraction of TV advertising, is transparent and a very powerful way to to get your message across.

ipasta has developed a smart and cost effective approach to B2B videomarketing, where all this comes together.