What we do

This is how we work with our clients. We are a small team that can deliver fast and we love to meet your deadlines.

Discuss options

Discuss options

The first stage of a successful production is planning. What style, key messages and target audience? This planning stage is a two way process between what you tell us about your market and aims and what we can suggest to you in order to formulate effective and affordable video’s. We love to hear your ideas about video, based upon good and bad examples at YouTube.



Once we have discussed the project, based on the 4 P’s of Storytelling (purpose, plot, people and place) and done the research the final step is to make a storyboard and present it to you.

Let shoot some great video!


If we did not rush pre-production, we know exactly what to expect and can focus completely at the people at the set. It is important that they feel comfortable. If we shoot at a tradeshow and a client stops by, no problem, we wait or maybe he likes to say something about your company as well in front of our camera.

Feedback and Post-production


Planning is important, because we don’t want to lose the momentum. We like to deliver a rough concept of the movie within 7 days after shooting. Based on your feedback, we make the final cut. Finally we edit sound and subtitles to complete the movie.



This is the most underestimated step in videomarketing. Never expect that after posting the video at your website, the video goes viral and orders are dropping in. We have to use all your media channels to distribute the video and the support of your sales force as well. After a successful pilot we shoot more video’s and everybody will love it.

Ratings & Views

Report & Analysis

We love webstatistics and viewer ratings and want to be successful in every market we work in. We keep monitoring the statistics for a year and if something strange occurs, for example a peek from Russia, we inform you right away.