About ipasta

Who we are? Our DNA is sales and marketing in a business to business environment and that is why we are so good in this. CEO’s sell their companies. Account managers sell their services. Marketeers sell their innovations. We sell your people on video and coach them that they feel comfortable bringing the core message in a passionate way! Besides that, we develop your video format and help you to distribute these videos over the internet.

ipasta is not a traditional production company with roots in television, but we want to be part of your marketing staff with our camera’s, marketing and sales experience and get involved as embedded ‘branded’ journalist and do all your video stuff at professional level. We are used to work for international companies and are really good to edit US or foreign movies to good video material what could be used for the Dutch market. We are certified to fly with drones between 1-4 kg.

We are a small company but have access to a wide network of dedicated partners in specific areas, when needed. From Abcoude (between Amsterdam and Hilversum) we have easy access to shoot video all over the country, and are willing to follow your sales staff to major trade shows in Western Europe (Germany, Belgium, Northern-France, London)

The story of the company name “ipasta”

People ask this question, when they found out that we have nothing to do with Italian cooking. Actually the real story is that I always used to watch Apple keynotes by Steve Jobs. January 27th 2010 was the day that the iPad was announced. Brilliant marketing by Apple because everybody was looking forward and speculating the name of the new revolutionary tablet. During the presentation I was checking the availability of interesting URL’s related to iPad. Off course I was too late, bute came up with the idea of iPasta. Later when I started this new company  dedicated to web video and videomarketing I give the following explanation to the meaning of ipasta “The internet reaches us through one big pasta of mobile devices, 24 hours a day, and it will look like television more and more”

  • Phone:     +31 626 678 312
  • E-mail:     info@ipasta.nl
  • Address:  Durgerdamhaven 26, 3826 BR, Amersfoort
  • Part of:     F.Tel Beheer & Consultancy B.V.
  • Bank:      RABO, 122.537.300
  • VAT no:   NL8158.94.351.B01
  • KvK no:   34249733  Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce